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don’t u love how movies about the future changed it used to be like 

woa flying cars


woa holograms


woa time travel


and now its just like 






to die in some horrible apocalypse 

says a lot about out cultural state of mind

She’s come a long way..





If your girlfriend has sexual intercourse with another girl. Is that considered cheating? 

If I’m right handed and I punch you with my left, did I really hit you?


I’ll reblog this every time.



why is it that in movies theres a group of straight ppl and then ONE gay person like what kind of homosexual would join an entire pack of heteros on their own who the sweet hell does that 

we are infiltrating and sending a constant stream of data to the Mothergay


Things you are allowed to do:

  • be sad about solas being race gated
  • be sad that he is straight
  • vent about it on your blog

Things that you are NOT allowed to do:

  • harass the devs

thank u for ur time

Really want to rant further on the Solas thing, because it’s seriously pissing me off, pretty much ruining my emotional balance for the evening. But I can’t really coherent right now, just in a bit of red hot fury.

I mean, I wasn’t expecting Solas to be my favorite romance of the game, but it DOES piss me off, since it means that I essentially end up with two romance options as opposed to three (since I think it’s likely that Vivienne is going to be the last romance reveal at this point). I just…

I know Gaider’s thrown around something to the tune of ‘the romances aren’t there to be divided equally/fairly’ or something like that. And frankly, that’s the kind of thing that, right now, with my above mentioned red hot fury, I’d want to hit him for. Because why the FUCK not? Because non-heterosexual players (and often non-male players, but I’m rambling about me here) are routinely shafted in both media AND real life. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve been interested in who end up being straight.

And it fucking SUCKS to feel that way, to have your hopes built up because of that hope and then having it snatched away. And when you’re gay, that’s ALWAYS something to balance. In the physical world, you’re statistically going to go through nine people before finding one who MAY be interested in you. So yeah, I want my video games to treat me equally and fairly. Because dammit, I’m a human being deserving of it. I fucking DESERVE to be given equal and fair treatment to heterosexuals. 

Instead, though, I have only two options, while heterosexual players are (assuming Vivienne is bi and not race-gated) getting three to male and female players. And this pisses me off.

Plus, if the reason he’ll only romance a female elf is because he wants an elf child, frankly, there’s a lot of squick in that idea for me - it basically treats a female Inquisitor as more valuable for her uterus than for her as a person, not to mention is disrespectful of the idea that she may not want children. I mean, that may not be it, we only have Twitter confirmation of the romance right now, so it may be something different, but based just on what we have, that’s the likeliest scenario.

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Tumblr app I’m p sure this is not how that post is supposed to go…


Tumblr app I’m p sure this is not how that post is supposed to go…


i’m so glad that the heterosexuals finally get more representation!!!! dragon age ingaysition is too focused on damn sj!!!! gayware needs to stop and appeal to the actual gaming audience…the str8 male str8 straitmers…straight heterosexual straights important…the heterosexual has, up to now, been totally disregarded by biogay…thank u thank u straight